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Brooklyn Tommy

Hi, for two years I had been recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury, which completely changed my life. I did not realize how a concussion could affect every aspect of your life, until it affected mine. It was not until I started receiving treatments with Dr. Chicoine, that I felt like I was finally escaping a fog and beginning to feel like myself again; with continued treatments I just keep feeling better and better! It’s unbelievable to me that this neurological integration is not more well known, I truly believe that it could be beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being. I am so grateful for Dr. Chicoine and the work that he does to improve function of our nervous system!

I have known Dr. Chicoine since my arrival to La Pêche, 10 years ago. He is the 7th chiropractor who has treated me because on occasion I have severe pain in my back and neck. I can say without a doubt that he is one of the best of his profession, among those that I have known. He has magic fingers and knows how to quickly locate the area of pain. However, he is not a magician, because to solve a problem, you need more than one treatment. I also know that he keeps abreast of recent developments in his profession as he is continually taking courses to improve his services. In my case, up to now, he has managed to mitigate in a significant way my problems and thus improve the quality of my life. This allows me yet to practice my favorite sports, despite my 63 years. Finally, he is more than a regular chiropractor, he has become an artist of his profession!

Pierre Bordeleau, Wakefield

Sarah Leblanc-Perras, Chelsea

“To this day, I am proud to say that I have been consulting the clinic of Dr. Ed Chicoine for the past ten years. I began seeing him when I was competing as a top level alpine skier. During my athletic career, my body suffered countless impacts from falls and rigorous training. Because of this, I began receiving regular adjustments and NIS treatments in order to maintain the level of performance needed to stay competitive and to accelerate recovery. Even though I no longer compete, I continue to see Dr. Chicoine in order to maintain both my physical and mental health. I like feeling 100% every day and his clinic helps me live a balanced life. My visits at the clinic help me keep a healthy mind in a healthy body. ”


I had lower back pain for about 20 years. I could function, but every now and then, it would flare up.   After I came to see Dr. Ed, my back became less of a problem.  But, what also happened was that I found when I had regular adjustments, I had fewer colds and infections.  I hardly ever have to use antibiotics any more.

What I like about Dr. Ed is his interest in new products, treatments and procedures.  He is very innovative and up-to-date and I feel confident that I am getting the most recent and best available care.  I feel that this open-minded approach is very beneficial.

Emily Hobby, Wakefield, QC

Mike Duern, Wakefield QC

I am a retired and very active 63 year old (Curling, Golf ,Skiing , 4 wheeling , etc.), and as a result of my many strenuous activities I have visited Dr. Chicoine on numerous occasions for relief of chronic lower back pain and for treatment related to various sports injuries for which chiropractic treatment has been a blessing.   In addition I had a serious problem with sciatica a few years ago that was so painful I couldn’t drive my truck for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time without getting sharp pains down my legs.  Dr. Ed greatly improved my situation with accurate diagnosis and chiropractic treatments.  

Recently I had a serious shoulder problem (rotator cuff) that greatly limited my activities and despite several sessions of physiotherapy did not see much improvement.  During one of my regular visits for a chiropractic adjustment for my back I mentioned my shoulder problem to Dr. Chicoine and after a quick examination he recommended a new shock wave therapy treatment.   After only a few treatments there was some relief and after only a few more treatments my shoulder is now greatly improved.  

I continue to see Dr. Chicoine for regular adjustments and highly recommend his services.

Mike Duern, Wakefield QC

I have had occasional severe low back pain through my adult life, related to periods of stress, long hours of sitting and lack of exercise. When the pain became acute it really affected my life. I would try everything I knew to get some relief; rest, use a back brace, take aspirin or Tylenol, relax in a hot tub alternating with cold packs, try to get a massage, walk and do stretching exercises. After awhile it would get better.Massage therapy was the only approach I used and while it was helpful, it was only partially effective.

In the summer of 2012, I had severe back pain around the time of my daughter’s wedding. After getting help from a massage therapist I followed her suggestion to see Dr. Chicoine, and after several treatments I felt almost new.

I am more aware of how not to aggravate my back and to continually do small, helpful exercises like stretching. I also realize I need help to remain pain-free, and now make periodic visits to Dr. Ed for realignment. This has been a great help to me, and although my back doesn’t seem to bother me unless I hurt it in some way, I always seem reinvigorated and limber after a treatment.

I have recommended the Chicoine clinic to various friends. Dr. Ed also helped my visiting brother in law who was in considerable pain from an injury to his Achilles tendon. Even though he was only here long enough for one treatment, he went away feeling much better.

Mari Wesche, Wakefield, Québec

Hélène Giroux, Wakefield, Québec

Dr. Ed believes in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. His approach is to provide the best possible chance for the body to restore its own health and wellness.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Ed now for about 15 years, following a medical challenge. His holistic approach and sound overall health advice has significantly contributed to my ongoing good health and wellbeing. In addition to timely chiropractic tune ups, Dr. Ed has successfully healed and rehabilitated several sports related injuries using the "Advanced Muscle Integration Technique" (AMIT). I was astonished at the rapidity and thoroughness of my body’s ability to heal after these treatments. He’s addressed overall health issues over the years with NIS, a non-invasive, non-manipulative approach which uses points similar to those used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture to make sure that the body’s neurology and physiology are well connected and functioning in an optimal manner.

What I particularly appreciate in Dr. Ed and his practice, is that the approaches and techniques he uses are scientifically-based, proven and can be researched. He takes the time to clearly explain these to you so you can understand how healing in your body is taking place. There is a very real sense of empowerment that comes with the understanding of your body’s own ability to be healthy and well. Dr. Ed also takes the time to listen to what you have to say, and gives you good, practical suggestions to address your health concerns.  

I hesitate to use a superlative like "extraordinary" to describe the impact of Dr. Ed’s treatments on my health and wellbeing (it hints too much of a miracle approach which is not what Dr. Ed and his practice are about) but the tangible and significant health results that I’ve benefitted from over the years are in fact, extraordinary. I know that I’m stronger, healthier and better able to prevent illness due to Dr. Ed and his practice.


I had pain in my lower spine as well as the pelvic and hip regions with occasional radiations down my left leg.   Sitting, sleeping, standing were all painful.  I felt stiffness all through my back, poor balance and vertigo when bending.

Family doctor’s tests and imaging showed only arthritis in lower spine and no problem with hips.  He recommended physiotherapy or chiropractic, my choice.  I started seeing Dr. Ed for treatments and 80% of my pain is gone. I am much more limber and my vertigo and balance are 75% improved. It`s amazing to bend and turn around, go up and down stairs without doing the crab walk.I am able to walk a straight line and not bump my partner off the sidewalk. I realize that the stretching exercises are my commitment for my own improvement, along with healthy eating.

With improvement in balance and absence of much of my vertigo, I have a new lease on life.

The absence of pain makes my days brighter and I am able to do fun things again—I do not feel my age or older any more.

I realize pain is not a normal part of getting older (or does not have to be).

Rosemond “Bonnie” Regimbald, Denholm, QC

Benoit Pelchat, Kazabazua, Québec

"I`ve been a patient of Dr. Ed Chicoine for over 7 years.  My doctor was helpless in the face of my back and neck pain, and physiotherapy did not provide great results. The only remaining option according to my doctor was to take pain killers, which I refused to do. Chiropractic care with Dr. Ed helped a lot and brought me huge relief.

Two years ago, he did not hesitate to give me treatments outside his regular hours on two occasions because of severe low back pain as a result of a false movement. The pain was reduced by 50% after one treatment, and 90% after the second. In addition, Dr. Ed is friendly and does not pressure you.

As long as I can, I will make use of his excellent care, which is 100% natural. I recommend his services to everybody!"

My problems were shoulder and neck pain and I did not want to take medication.  A friend of mine who is a nurse suggested a chiropractor, so I contacted Dr. Chicoine who was, at that time, opening a clinic in Maniwaki.

The problems have disappeared.  However, I continue to see him once a month as a preventative measure.

As a senior, I strongly recommend that other seniors visit a chiropractor at least once a month to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and would certainly recommend Dr. Chicoine’s clinic.

Beverly Cloutier, Northfield, QC

For several years I had backaches; a few times acute, and always uncomfortable. The lack of confidence in drugs, prescribed or over the counter, led me to try chiropractic. Dr. Chicoine’s care provided much relief. At one time I suffered from a loss of balance due to vertigo and after a few adjustments, it all disappeared.

Chiropractic is not magic, but it definitely offers a relief and even a cure for various ailments. If you have a physical problem, do not hesitate to visit a chiropractor.

Thérèse Pilon, Gatineau, QC

In 2006, because I wasn’t getting any better, my naturopath suggested I go to Dr. Chicoine for treatment.   My back and neck ached much of the time and walking any distance made it worse.

I can barely remember how that felt.  Now, my back and neck seldom ache.  I can walk fairly long distances, sometimes with a back pack.  I exercise with a group twice a week, and I go Dr. Chicoine every three weeks.  His treatments keep me moving comfortably.

I recommend Dr. Chicoine to anyone, any age.  He pays close attention to the needs of his patients and chooses from among his wide range of treatments the best ones for each person.

I am very grateful to have found Dr. Chicoine and to be able to continue receiving treatments from him.

Joan Petch, Ottawa, ON

I brought my children to the clinic a long time ago.  I even forgot what the problem was, but do know that I have great confidence in Ed’s work and I just continue to come because he deals with my problems and I feel great!

I decided to come to chiropractic care because of Ed’s positive attitude and how he deals with each problem.

I am having positive results and am more than satisfied with the results I am achieving.  I would recommend chiropractic any day over medical doctors and their pills.

E.Fleury,Wakefield, QC

I had a herniated disc at the level of L5-S1 with pain in the lower back and sciatic radiation down one leg.

With the failure of physiotherapy treatments and the hope of having some relief with my pain, I decided to consult Dr. Chicoine following the recommendation of a member of my family.

After a series of treatments Dr. Chicoine recommended that I consult a surgeon for surgical repair of my disc herniation. My post-surgical rehabilitation was very quick and went very well, and I believe the previous chiropractic treatments had a lot to do with that. The rest of my spine was much better, thanks to the chiropractic treatments.

My chiropractic experience has shown me that the vertebral column is the pillar of our body. We tend to take it for granted, often neglecting and even abusing it. We brush our teeth every day and go to the dentist regularly for prevention; why don’t we pay the same kind of attention to our spine?

For me chiropractic is a safe, viable and effective form of therapy that helps to maintain better health of my spine. With regular maintenance I can prevent problems from arising and this is the reason why I continue with chiropractic visits monthly for my health.

LiseGélinas, Gatineau, QC

I suffered with back pain and sciatic nerve irritation for many years.

My family doctor sent me for physiotherapy and after several months of care I did not improve; I was to the point of having to walk with a cane.

After my first meeting with Doctor Chicoine, I saw an incredible change. A few sessions later I was able to abandon my cane!

Now I see Doctor Chicoine every five to six weeks for my well-being and I am very satisfied.

Juliana L., Gatineau, QC

Please Note:

Even though some of the testimonials talk about medical conditions, it’s important to mention that we do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Our focus is on restoring proper function of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, especially the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Since the brain is the main control center and the body is a self-maintaining and self-healing entity, it makes sense that when the nervous system is functioning properly, everything else will be in a better state.

We do not treat diseases. We simply work at restoring proper nerve function so the body can operate better. The ultimate goal is to help people express their full potential and maintain a higher level of health.